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Orthodontists Vs. General Dentists For Invisalign

Although there are many similarities between orthodontists and dentists, there are also a number of important differences that set them apart.

Brushing Your Teeth With Braces

While wearing braces, one of your most important tasks is to keep your teeth squeaky clean by brushing and flossing regularly. But bands and wires can make that a bit harder to do than normal! Check out these tips and techniques to help keep your teeth clean while you’re in braces, and beyond.

10 Famous Faces that Benefited from Braces

While you might not imagine braces as an accessory to the stars, celebrities with braces are more common than you think! Many of our famous favorites have had their teeth straightened up for the limelight.

Guide to Getting Braces On

Braces have a reputation for initial discomfort, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. You will be more than prepared if you arm yourself with these tips and tricks to make the process go a bit more smoothly.

7 Reasons Why Invisalign Is Great for Teens

Metal braces have been the only real treatment option for teens for decades, but the many benefits of Invisalign, including its subtlety, make it an outstanding treatment plan for modern teens.

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