What You Can Do to Help

Early Intervention

When kids are young, their jaw and teeth are still growing and maturing. This means with proper orthodontic treatment, we can help guide your child’s growth to prevent potential problems. Detecting early signs of misalignment and formation in children can save time and money down the road with orthodontic care. Some problems in the mouth are even easier to correct when they are identified early as the facial bones are still growing

An early exam for kids allows us to determine how a child’s jaw and teeth should be corrected for optimal results. Early treatment following an exam allows for an ideal environment and creates an optimum condition for the permanent teeth to erupt from the gums.

By meeting with us, we will determine if the mouth and jaw are ready for orthodontic treatment. If they aren’t, we will show you how to condition the mouth into an optimum position that will take as many future dental problems out of the picture as possible.

Adolescent Treatment

During adolescence is when most people receive orthodontic treatment. Usually during this time period, all or at least most, of the permanent teeth have erupted and patients are at one of their most active phases of growth. This growing phase is an ideal time for correcting most dental problems associated with the tooth and jaw structure.

What to Expect With Treatment

Our goal is to accomplish orthodontic treatment and create the best result in a healthy, functional, aesthetic, and comfortable way.

At Webb Family Orthodontics, we take interceptive orthodontic care seriously. With each patient, we make sure do everything we can go break bad habits, create space for new teeth, and prevent future problems before it’s too late.

At our practice, you’re in great hands!